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Roving: General

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Description: Wool fibers are first washed and dried then brushed over to open and separate the fibers. This process is called “carding”. Depending on the carding and brushing preparations, processed wool from the woolen mills may referred to as either rovings, slivers or batts. Slivers are very thick, continuous strands of wool. Pencil roving is as thick as a pencil and spun without further drafting. Batts are thick continuous mats that may be used for mattress pads, pillows, quilt fillers or other projects.

Slivers or roving(as typically called) can be used for spinning, felting, padding or other craft projects such as for making wooly angels and sheep or formed into "dryer" balls.
Variety of Wools: Corriedale (white & dark) Cotswold/Corriedale, Merino/Corriedale, Merino/Romney blend
Packaged in: 4, 6, 8. 10, 12, and 16 oz. bags
Available Colors: white (natural), grey/brown (natural), royal blue, white (natural), navy, teal, burgundy, purple, lilac, violet, orange, bright yellow, periwinkle blue, sky blue, kelly green, emerald green, Aztec gold, light blue, white (natural) soft pink, scarlet, crimson, cherry red, burgundy.

New colors added all the time. Special orders may be available and can be ordered.
Roving (natural) $2.25 / oz.
Dyed $2.50 / oz.
Roving: Combed Top

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Description: Cleaned carded wool that is further combed to remove short fibers resulting in strong, smooth, shiny fiber that spins into long yarns.
Variety of Wool: Merino (combed top), white (natural), Cotswold (combed top) limited white, Merino combed top (natural)
Packaged in: 1 oz. bags
Available Colors: Bright pink, soft pink, teal, scarlet, sun yellow, medium teal, light teal, light yello, periwinkle blue, olive, orange, lilac, light lilac, violet, light violet, brilliant blue, grey, chestnut brown, royal blue, kelly green, light brown, navy blue, light brown and many others made to order.
Natural: $3.00 / oz.
Dyed: $3.25 / oz.

Special Offer

Buy 15 oz. of roving, wool or yarn and get the 16th oz FREE!

Knitting and felting patterns available

Spinning and knitting and fiber dyeing Book Library

Brittany needles available in many sizes. Bamboo circular needles from Crystal Palace may also be ordered in various sizes and lengths

All Sheep are not the same...

Therefore all wools are not the same...certain wools are better for socks, some felt easier...contact me if you have questions.

WPI refers to wraps per inch

Lace Wt: over 18 wpi
Fingering/sock: 18 wpi
Sport: 16 wpi
Double Knitting: 14 wpi
Worsted: 12 wpi
Bulky: under 12 wpi

Using the correct wpi of yarn may make the difference in the finished project

Did You Know?

A wool filled mattress pad provides you the warmth and cushion you body desires.

Wool is an energy saver. It keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer