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Mattress Pads

Mattress Pads

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Description: Mattress pads are fabric covered, hand tied, have elastic corner stays and are washable (follow instructions). Pads are wool filled and covered with fabric and hand tied. Made at Zeilingers Woolen Mill from our wool. Washing instructions are included.
Variety of Wools: Corriedale wool filled mattress pads
Available Colors: Must be ordered 8-12 weeks in advance
Twin $200.00
Double $230.00
Queen $300.00
King $350.00
Massage Table $180.00

Special Offer

Buy 15 oz. of roving, wool or yarn and get the 16th oz FREE!

Knitting and felting patterns available

Spinning and knitting and fiber dyeing Book Library

Brittany needles available in many sizes. Bamboo circular needles from Crystal Palace may also be ordered in various sizes and lengths

All Sheep are not the same...

Therefore all wools are not the same...certain wools are better for socks, some felt easier...contact me if you have questions.

WPI refers to wraps per inch

Lace Wt: over 18 wpi
Fingering/sock: 18 wpi
Sport: 16 wpi
Double Knitting: 14 wpi
Worsted: 12 wpi
Bulky: under 12 wpi

Using the correct wpi of yarn may make the difference in the finished project

Did You Know?

A wool filled mattress pad provides you the warmth and cushion you body desires.

Wool is an energy saver. It keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer