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About Richards Family Farm

Richards' Family Farm is located in South Central Michigan near Clarklake. We have a small, 10 acre, rolling farm, of field and orchard that is partially wooded. We raise garden crops, harvest fruit and grain (in some years) and tend sheep, turkey, chickens and ducks.

Farm Philosophy

Richards' family farm has been developing for over 35 years starting with improving the soil, planting trees and later adding the animals. Our philosophy from the beginning is to maintain, plant, raise and harvest as organically as possible by using complement planting, crop rotation and organic fertilizers. We are committed to raising fruits and vegetables without the use of pesticides. The poultry and sheep are raised without antibiotics, free ranged and pasture rotated. 

We are members of the American Livestock Breed Conservancy and Society of Poultry Antiquities and believe in trying to preserve breeds that have demonstrated hardiness irrespective of the current commercial trends in livestock demands.

Wool and other products that we sell are from sheep we have carefully tended and the processing of fibers and wools are done in the best places we have found, Zeilinger Wool Company and Bucks County Fur.

Handspun wool is done in our home an an Ashcraft wheel in any spare time found when all the chores are finished.




Special Offer

Buy 15 oz. of roving, wool or yarn and get the 16th oz FREE!

Knitting and felting patterns available

Spinning and knitting and fiber dyeing Book Library

Brittany needles available in many sizes. Bamboo circular needles from Crystal Palace may also be ordered in various sizes and lengths

All Sheep are not the same...

Therefore all wools are not the same...certain wools are better for socks, some felt easier...contact me if you have questions.