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The Turkey Roost



Bourbon Red turkeys originated in Bourbon County, Kentucky in the 1890's.  They were possibly developed from the Tuscawara Red, (now extinct), from Pennsylvania. Bourbon Reds were an import commercial breed during the 1930's and 1940's. They were valued for the quality of meat, maternal instincts, foraging abilities and show exhibition beauty as they are very colorful.

During the second half of the 1900's, commercial turkey production moved exclusively to hybrids, emphasizing round bodies, weak legs and questionable survival instincts. Bourbon Reds escaped commercialization and retain their size, shape and survival instincts of their ancestors but are listed as "rare" in numbers according to the American Livestock Breed Conservancy. 

Our Bourbon Red turkeys are naturally hatched by the hens and spend their summer following their mother around the pastures eating a natural diet. There is always grain waiting for them in the barn when they come in at dusk to roost.

We begin raising Bourbon Red turkeys about 20 years ago and have been surprised at the hardiness and survival skills. We had a Tom turkey "Waldorf" that lived to be 11 years old, surpassing all age records that we could find. We would like to help anyone interested in retaining this breed.

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Buy 15 oz. of roving, wool or yarn and get the 16th oz FREE!

Knitting and felting patterns available

Spinning and knitting and fiber dyeing Book Library

Brittany needles available in many sizes. Bamboo circular needles from Crystal Palace may also be ordered in various sizes and lengths

All Sheep are not the same...

Therefore all wools are not the same...certain wools are better for socks, some felt easier...contact me if you have questions.

WPI refers to wraps per inch

Lace Wt: over 18 wpi
Fingering/sock: 18 wpi
Sport: 16 wpi
Double Knitting: 14 wpi
Worsted: 12 wpi
Bulky: under 12 wpi

Using the correct wpi of yarn may make the difference in the finished project

Did You Know?

A wool filled mattress pad provides you the warmth and cushion you body desires.

Wool is an energy saver. It keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer